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Poweradspy Review

Ad-driven Spy Tools are on an all-time high and PowerAdSpy is the latest addition to the mix.

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What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is a spy tool specifically made for harnessing the power of Facebook Ads. As the website states, PowerAdSpy is Built by Affiliates for Affiliates, and boy isn’t that true! Get 30% Poweradspy coupon code here

With PowerAdSpy, you will have access to a precise and intricate breakdown of the Facebook Ecosystem of Digital Advertising. This includes an E-commerce Ad database of over 6 million Ads from more than 15 countries, an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s Facebook Ads strategies, and winning CTA and Landing Pages that you can use for your Ads.

How PowerAdsSpy Works

If you are in the E-commerce business, you know how important Facebook is as a source of traffic and conversions. Savvy businesses have already mastered how to use Facebook to maximize their reach and gain more traffic to their business.

But doing so step by step is tedious and time-consuming. You don’t have to. PowerAdSpy is the ultimate spy tool to sort out your Facebook Advertising needs.

Below is a video explaining exactly how PowerAdSpy works to help you with your Facebook Advertising campaign.

As you can see, PowerAdSpy starts by spying on your competitor’s Ads. Then it extracts and compiles accurate and impartial data to help you recreate the success of your competitor’s Ads in your own business.

To accomplish all these, PowerAdSpy is ridden with power-packed features and tools that surpass all other Spy Tools in its category.


1.    Advanced Search and Filter

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PowerAdSpy has one of the best Search and Filtering tools in the market. With this tool, you can search for you Niche by finding your favourite advertiser and then filtering country, gender, among other fine details.

PowerAdSpy’s search tool boasts a Powerful Algorithm able to give precise results when you are searching for Facebook Ads using keywords, terms, and phrases included in the Ad.

You can also have your results sorted by Date, Likes, Shares or Comments.

2.    In-depth Analytics

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To determine the success of a particular Facebook Ad, you need details like Engaging Audiences, Engagement Rates, and the Number of Likes, Shares, and Comments that the post attracted.

PowerAdSpy supplies all these details including your competitor’s original post link for ultimate transparency.

3.    Spy on the Competition

When we say PowerAdSpy thoroughly spies on the competitors, we are not exaggerating.

You can expect to learn your competitor’s Ad types, gain access to copies of the Ad including the creatives used, trackers, and even the angle they exploited.

4.    Dynamic Search

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The Dynamic Search is an invaluable feature that allows you to fine-tune your search by applying the Search Mode, Filter Mode or Lander Properties to your search.

The Search Mode allows 3 different filters. You can search for:

  • Keywords, advertisers, and domains
  • Facebook Ad engagements
  • The window of time the Ads were viewed

Filter Mode features CTA filters, country filters, Ad type, Gender, Age, and Ad Position.

Lander Properties allows you to sniff Ads posted by affiliate competitors on other platforms like Terraleads and Leadbit. You can also download their Landing pages and use them in your own advertising campaigns.


PowerAdSpy offers three different subscription packages.

The packages vary in pricing so you can choose which best applies to you.

Credits: poweradspy

There is a Free Package that allows a limit of 2 searches but has all the features and tools at your disposal.

The Basic Package costs $49 a month with limited features available. You can try this package for only $1 for 3 days!

The Standard Package goes for $99 a month. It has all but a few features withheld and you can try it for only $7 for 3 days!

The Premium Package offers everything for a Limited Offer of $149 a month. Usually, the pricing for the Premium Package is $249 per month. You can also try it for $7 for 3 days!


As their website states “We want everyone to grow”; PowerAdSpy is an all-out spy tool capable of changing your Facebook Advertising fortunes forever. All you have to do is give it a try.